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Capability Services

How We Do It

At Colina Tech Solutions, we have a proven track record in delivering the goods across industry verticals, service areas and across diverse geographies. This ability stems from our deep rooted understanding and our delivery framework that our leadership team have matured over numerous engagements.

Some of the key postulates of our Value Target Framework are:

Target Talent

The right talent is required to do the right job. We focus on both acquiring as well as nurturing talent with a host of initiatives that ensure that we

  • Attract the right talent
  • Retain the right talent
  • Invest in developing the right talent
  • Evaluate and Improve talent regularly
  • Create Knowledge Management Systems to promote learning

Target Processes

The right processes for the job makes it simpler and more efficient – and we have been building processes based on industry best practices, across each of our service verticals. From ITIL to Six Sigma, CMMi to ISO, we have adopted the very best to ensure our processes are structured in a way to preempt risks and exempt you from failure.

Some of the key features of our Target Processes are:

  • Structured based on Six Sigma, Lean, Agile and ITIL
  • Emphasis on transparency as a culture
  • Driven by analytics of historical projects for risk trends and resolution maps
  • Focused on delivery

Target Quality

Quality Assurance is a process and not the result of a process – Target Quality outlines the framework for ensuring quality in our services. Some of the principal postulates are as follows

  • Create a concrete map between requirements and processes followed to reach the outcome
  • Define communication and governance maps and communicate the same to all stakeholders
  • Define outcomes at each stage of the process
  • Incorporate validation of output of each stage, vs. the requirements
  • Report and collate data for analytics
  • Incorporate scope for continuous improvement
  • Define improvement goals at each stage of the project/process
  • Define periodic governance committee meets and document findings for each meeting
  • Document customer experience at each stage of the project to trace successes and failures to corresponding process-efficiencies and inefficiencies

This elaborate framework allows us to meet the most stringent of quality assurance standards with ease and most importantly, cost and time efficiency.

Target Management

Alexander the Great said – I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep - I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. This forms the basis of our Value Target Framework for Management. The emphasis is on using good management principles as a means for attaining better results in project, people and processes.

Built on the tenets of Project Management, our target framework for delivering value in our management, helps us achieve our objectives by

  • Emphasizing the importance of process orientation
  • Emphasizing adherence to processes
  • Emphasis on definition of frameworks and roadmaps for conflict resolution
  • Emphasis on "Newspaper Headline" principle of precedents where managers are encouraged to visualize their choice as a newspaper headline, as a means to evaluate the appropriateness of their action in a particular scenario, where guiding principles are not present.
  • Emphasis on documenting guidelines for each situation, and revisiting the guidelines periodically to include precedents and redefine defunct principles
  • Emphasis on creating multiple motivation streams for the people in order to ensure higher morale and greater adherence to processes

As a rule, our Target Management framework is the commandment for every level of management from junior to the board.