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EFG - Enabling Financial Governance

EFG Reporting solution is a boon for financial institutions that provides capabilities to address the complex and ever-changing global regulatory/compliance reporting requirements. An add-on feature is that it also additionally addresses all the in-house MIS reporting and Head Office reporting requirements.

At the core of the EFG is a Reporting Engine power horse that empowers the user to generate any kind of complex reports, even new ones within a short turn-around time, without dependence on IT teams – eliminates manual report preparation and enhances report accuracy.


Source data:

  • Efficient and flexible in-built Data extraction tools to extract data from any core (Banking) system and related systems.
  • Seamless data extraction from all types of data sources - database tables, flat files, CSV files, XL files, XML, etc.


  • End-to-End automation of reporting solution with no user (IT) involvement; System error log automatically mailed to maintenance team.
  • Streamlined end of day/month procedures that run seamlessly
  • Errors from source data identified can be corrected manually within EFG under four-eye control principles
  • Powerful and un-editable audit trails of all changes made
  • Enables data enrichment for reporting requirements collating data from third party/independent providers
  • Users can rerun any failed/error process
  • Automated backup of database and restoration of backup database objects, generation of reports


  • Easy to define any new report - almost on demand and in short time period
  • Environmentally friendly - All Reports are auto-archived without limitation of any time period; hard copy printouts can be minimized
  • Accessibility to reports driven by rights defined in the User Profile- restricts viewing/generating and report level access
  • Reports auto emailed to defined users after generation
  • Access to reports available to C-Suite managers / senior officials – 24/7

Report Submission:

  • Automated electronic submission of Regulatory report using Standard Business Reporting (SBR/XML) or delimited files


  • Support multiple General Ledgers and COA (Chart of account)
  • Leveraging Regulatory data for MIS and other types of reports
  • Facilitates reconciliation of report data to source systems and various audit reports for all summary reports
  • Month-end data snapshots made available for quick response to any query from Regulators
  • User Access level defined through a group access profile; uses Single Sign on (SSO) authentication
  • Supports Risk, compliance, statistical, operational, treasury and all type of data users with reports
  • Single source of data to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Intensive Taxonomical approach has been eliminated as the Report engine uses simple data field mapping resulting in ease of use and avoidance of system-mandated mapping overheads
  • Interface features enables integration of core application and related systems to have consolidated data/position


  • Browser based multi-tasking User interface
  • Scalable database solution
  • Business logic built on extensive database programming for optimal performance
  • Independent of any programming languages/tools
  • Ease of use as system plugs into Crystal Reports, reporting tool for generation of reports
  • Table driven Parameters setup
  • Profile/ Need based Access
  • Logging (Audit) all Table updates
  • Developed using .NET/MSSQL database/Crystal reports